A strange man shows up at the office of language expert Samantha Yale with a mysterious scroll written in an even more mysterious language. As she begins to translate, she discovers an eyewitness account of the war in heaven from an angel who sided with Lucifer and then deeply regretted his decision. The tale is hard to believe...but impossible to ignore.

Linda Rios Brook brings new depth of imagery into the spirit world and scholarship to the old debate, “What happened to the world between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?” Part intriguing theological exploration, part swashbuckling adventure, Lucifer’s Flood presents an equally fascinating and frightening tale of prehistoric heaven and Earth.
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Since the title, Lucifer’s Flood, tells us nothing, a briefing is essential.  It is the story of Lucifer’s expulsion from heaven through creation and up through the birth of Moses, narrated from the perspective of a lovable fallen angel (Don’t forget—it’s fiction!) who is nameless, but whose name you will soon know!  Who else could do it!   Linda Rios Brook!

All of us who are Bible students have read the canonical texts and the works of the learned commentators, but we never knew the stories as Linda Rios Brook  tells them.  As I read I thought she might well have divided the chapters into verses because I know some readers will inadvertently slip into the notion that they are reading the 67th book of the Bible! 

Peter Wagner, Chancellor Wagner Leadership Institute and author of 100 books