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Mark R. Sunwall


This review is for Lucifer's War: Understanding the ancient struggle between God and the devil (Paperback)


Although you may find "Lucifer's Wars" in a bookstore (not Amazon's of course!) mislabeled "Christian Pulp Fiction" this slight volume bears the weight of deeper meditations than might be found in much heavier, ancient, and ponderous tomes. Linda Rios Brook, who apparently does write fiction (which I have yet to read) has ventured reluctantly into the deep waters in an age when most Christian writers are praying to be pushed into the shallow end of the pool. Not just that she wrote such a book, but that she was allowed to write it is somewhat extraordinary.


Contemporary Christians who believe in the supernatural are apt to play at "deliverance" and "exorcism" with a carelessness which scarcely improves on the way that pagans play "Dungeons and Dragons." The salutary merit in Ms. Brook's work lies in showing how foolish this sort of activity is. Be that as it may, demonological russian roulette is far from the worst ailment of today's church, most of which has lapsed into infidelity and denial of the supernatural. While a few doctrinaire liberal and revisionist theologians wear this anti-supernaturalism on their sleeve, in the pews and pulpits these opinions pass along the silent channels of a tacit understanding, an understanding where the oxymoronic status of an anti-supernaturalistic Christian is seldom identified because the issue is never broached. It is to the credit of Ms. Brook that she recognizes "war in the heavens" without joining the recruiter's drumbeat which forces well meaning but ignorant Christians into unwarranted and unnecessary confrontations with occult forces.


So far so good. Ms. Brook holds to the "via media" against those who would either deny the supernatural or enthuse upon it. The discerning reader should also be aware that the resolution to several theological dilemmas offered by the text (which for several other reviewers seems to have come as a deliverance in itself) does come at the price of abandoning certain key element of traditional Christian doctrine. While I personally prefer the traditional Nicene and Chalcidonian formulations, I wouldn't let that stand in the way of giving five stars to this soul-winning and comforting book. People who are interested in a more critical approach might investigate the literature on the merits of "open theism" (this seems to be the view of Ms. Brook) vis a vis the traditional Augustinian/Calvinistic view.


Like authors of theological "minority reports" from Origin to Milton, Rios Brook pushes the speculative envelope of theology up to, and possibly into, the questionable areas of universalism, Arianism, and semi-dualism in the cause of compassion for both humans and non-humans. While this may seem like heresy at first blush, in an operational sense I would venture that Rios Brook and her associates are far more authentically grounded in a Christian world-view than many strident defenders of orthodoxy who suffer in their personal lives from spiritual denial and cognitive dissonance. Like John Milton, she has not only painted the war of the heavens with the brush of poetry but integrated its consequences on the social and psychological complexities of the mundane world.  (POSTED FROM A REVIEW FROM AMAZON.COM)  (some of the typos corrected)




Karen Christie Ford  From Facebook

Linda, I just finished reading your Lucifer's War. What an unbelievable book!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful research and the lovely way you write. I am amazed at how the Lord used your book to cause me to really begin to love and appreciate our Father God even more than I already did...I began the book before Christmas and saw that I was near the end, so I delayed finishing it ( a tactic i use when I really love a book) , but the feeling of a deeper appreciation for our God had already been planted deeply in my heart. It happened somewhere near the front of the book. I do not reread many books, but I will this one. Thank you so much!!




Tracy Coltellino   From Facebook

I adore the fiction you write....but was curious about the reality of the vast cosmic war raging between God and satan that was the foundation for your "little angel"series. I must sure dont avoid unpopular topics and conclusions, do you? This newest book, 'Lucifer's War', has given me a huge amount to research and study. Some of your conclusions are without a doubt going to give traditional christians the fits, but they are so well thought out and researched that I can find no fault with them. I may have to jetison a few of my sacred cows, but that is the mark of a true student: to " out those things to see if they be so"! Well done! (the book margins are already full of my own comments and questions!)




Jamie Greene Zaic     From Facebook

Have bought mine and can't put it down. After mentioning it to my Mother-in-Law she bought one too. Linda you did a great job on this one. My daughter has questioned so much of what she has been told and what is in the Bible. She is 14 but well beyond her years and I've told her I think this book would be a very good read for her.




Anita Brown Phelps     From Facebook

...reading Lucifer's War, wow, have you given me some things to think about!


LINDA‚ÄôS RESPONSE...  From Facebook

That's my goal - not to tell people what to think - but how to think about why we believe some of the doctrine we have so passively accepted. Let me know what you think when you are finished




Paco Garcia Rodriguez   From Facebook   YES THE BOOK IS IN SPANISH AS WELL


Me acaba de llegar este libro ahora mismo. Me lo ha enviado mi amiga la autora Linda Rios Brook, una admirable mujer de Dios. Estoy ya emocionado con leerlo, pues seguro que trae luz sobre el tema.




DaisyMay wrote:

"While recuperating i am Enjoying, Linda Rios Brooks Lucifers Flood. Woman is a genius . Bought her latest Lucifers War and the rest of her series. I recommend buying everything she writes. Blessings"


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