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Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong in Our World


Two thousand years after the Cross, evil continues to brutalize and pillage in every nation and no one appears able to do very much about it. Why has the church made so little progress? While Satan lost his authority to rule on the earth, he did not lose his power.  Failure to recognize this crucial difference has caused us to miss the point as to what the war over the planet is about and therefore, what we must do to win it.


Lucifer’s War offers a detailed, historical examination of Satan, the demon gods who are aligned with him, and their ancient struggle with God over humanity. While the church is the only agency on earth authorized by Jesus to deal with evil at its root cause, believers must acknowledge what has not worked and pursue a different strategy that will.  This book will change the way you pray, equip you to understand the times we are living in, and prepare you for what may happen next - and what you can do about it.


Linda Rios Brook

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Surveys have shown that most Christians do not know the Bible and do not believe what little they do know. One reason is because so much of the adult Bible education material available continues to teach grown up people using the same images, clichés and westernized interpretation used to teach children. Jesus for Adults examines the motives and personalities of the people who interacted with Jesus. It is written not so much for people who have already formed their belief system and need no further discussion, but for people who desperately want to believe, but who cannot be satisfied with the easy "Sunday School" answers that contradict their experience and understanding of the world and humanity. It also addresses a more fundamental question—why believe anything?

Frontline Christians in a Bottom Line World debunks the traditional notion that business and belief do not create a profitable partnership. Linda Rios Brook, with a 20-year career as a president of network TV affiliates, gives the inside track on how one can maintain Christian integrity amidst the cutthroat politics of corporate America. Taking cues from Old Testament rulers like Joseph, Daniel and David, Brooks plots a game plan on how to not only survive but also how to thrive the ups and downs of marketplace ministry while still glorifying God. Entrepreneurs and evangelists alike should heed these wise words on the apostolic anointing to take dominion over the working world.


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