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Hello, Linda!  I have touched base in the past....your series has made such a PROFOUND difference in the life of my family....when we are in eternity, I will have to bend your ear for a bit! I would do it now, but for the story I have to tell you, eternity is a much better timeframe !! (LOL!)


You have done great work for the kingdom in the life of my teen daughter and the teens she interacts with every single day....I have bought numerous sets of your books in the last two years or so....not because we lose them, but because she keeps giving them away!  She is a big reader, and shy, but all her classmates constantly come over to see if she has anything "good" to read during their mandatory reading hours on Friday.  As a result, she keeps extras on hand, and just keeps grabbing them from her backpack.  They sometimes pass it around and have gotten into arguments over whose turn it is next!  By the 10th grade, most of them have become disillusioned with their parents religion, and are turning to some pretty awful substitutes.


After they finish-every time-they are in awe of the possibility that the bible "might" be more fascinating then they thot, and they come to her with many questions.  After the huge upswing in the interest in the supernatural that has stormed our culture, stories like this are VITAL to both capture their interest, as well as to send them back to the only source of truth-the Bible!  Needless to say-it has engendered some pretty lively debates and discussions.  However, my daughter is asking you-no,...PLEADING with consider making a movie out of the series.  It would fit in with that genre well, and tell the other side of the story that would have better than half a chance in reaching teens-and-adults- at a time when biblical truth and knowledge is almost non-existent.


So here goes:

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE TELL HER YOU ARE AT LEAST CONSIDERING IT!  There-I have done my job...the request has been passed on!  lol-Tracy Coltellino (and Kara!)


PS....since the little angel has to be someone that appears smart as well as vulnerable and appealing, she has a suggestion for an actor to play him-peeta from the hunger games.  Like I said, just passin' it on!  t




Hello Ms. Linda Rios Brook,

Are the following books "stand alone" or do they have to be read in a series, one right after the other.  Could I read "The Deliverer" book first then read the "Lucifer's Flood"?    Anyway, I am on page 43 of "The Deliverer" and really enjoying the book.  Looking forward to your response.








by the second chapter. Your writing is... EXTRAORDINARY - simple, clear, and so captivating. It is so smooth- the mind is watching a movie instead of reading words and coming up with its own picture. You do it for the reader. This is a blessed talent most writers don't have.

I LOVE the nameless fallen angel. He is a HOOT! I couldn't figure out why I liked him so much, then it hit me. He thinks just like me! When he yells at the stupid humans, just like I yell at the stupid people in the monster movies or an TV network "news" shows.

This book MUST be made into an animated feature - The nameless angel will captivate even the most cynical audience.


Rhonda West



Ken Wrote

Regarding availability of Audio Version of the Reluctant Demon Diaries Series...


Thank you for your quick response.

I really really enjoyed the series. I hope you are thinking about extending the story line even though the demon has been transformed back into an angel.

The first one was an interesting fantasy but as the series progressed, even though it is considered fiction, the possibilities, interpretations and points of view on the actual Biblical events were very captivating. Though I consider myself to have an above average knowledge of Biblical events and interpretations, I thoroughly appreciated your views and have even come to adopt a couple of points on which I had been taught  different perspectives.  While I read, the Spirit talked to me and taught me. Strange how maybe one can come away from reading fiction about truth and be stronger and more knowledgeable about the Word. The last of the series was the best. When the little demon finally made his realization of how it is not about worth, whats fair or justice and just wanted to be near Jesus and when the blood fell on him and unexpectedly redeemed him, well, its a point of the story I cannot forget. Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness. Nothing we can do to earn it. How precious is that gospel. And how hard it is for some to accept it. The simplicity.

Anyway, I have tried to get my wife to read them. At first she was hesitant and I think a little worried about the subject matter. In fact, I was reading one of them at work one day and when asked what it was and I said it was Christian fiction, it seemed to turn the person off. Even though its light reading, as with anything else, I guess somebody just has to be open to it. Cause there were things for me to learn and to receive a blessing.  Kinda like    The Shack. I have found folks truly love that story or are completely turned from it.

But my wife did say after my comments again Christmas day about how sweet, especially the final book was, that if she could get them on CD she would listen to them while commuting to work. We had seen the Christmas Candle movie based on Max Lucado's book and I got her the audio book for her commute. And that was a hit. Driving and being read to.

Anyway, thanks again. I just ordered two of your other books today and cannot wait to get into them.


A brother in Christ,




Roni Reilly posted on Linda Rios Brook's Wall. (From Facebook)

Roni wrote:

"OMG I LOVED THIS SERIES!!!!  Just finished "The Redeemer" and cried for wonk.  This story IS God's ultimate love for his creatures.  WOW!  BRAVO!!!!  By far the best work of fiction about God and his forgiveness I've ever read!"




Johnny wrote:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your touching, though provoking, and often humorous series "The Reluctant Demon Diaries." It truly stimulates thoughts on the incredible nature of God and has motivated me to take additional looks at Old Testament passages with a fresh perspective. Finally, your writings have encouraged me to take a deeper look at my own relationship with the Lord and where it should be. You have been a blessing! May the Lord bless you and your family."



Matthew Hebert also commented on Facebook on the series The Reluctant Demon Diaries

Matthew wrote: "The Demon Series, really puts skin and bones on the bible characters, and puts them in the light, that they were human, and not just Fairy Tale characters. Really helps to show young adults, the bible can be fun to read. More action in the bible, than the Twilight Series.."


Lucifer's Flood 1st book in the 4 book series


I brought the book Lucifer’s flood to work, everyone of us had read it!  We love it!  It has some reading the bible who would have never before!  I wanted to say thanks and payday...I am off to buy The Deliverer!


April Barricks




I had heard that your next book, The Deliver, was suppose to be released on May 5th? I was just wondering what is going on. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Your first one was amazing and i loved every page of it.






I'm sure this email will never find it's way to the actual author of Lucifer's Flood, but I figured, why the heck not try it.  I just wanted to thank you for writing it.  It was a sensational book that had be from the first chapter and finished in 3 days.  I haven't really had that much fun reading a book since the Left Behind series.  I guess my only question is, will there be a second one?  If so, do you have any ideas as to the title and release date yet?  Again, many thanks for a truly enjoyable read through history.


Peter Goss




I had begun to think I'd reached the end of interesting Christian fiction at my local library until I ran across Lucifer's Flood.  I was relieved when I found there was a sequel but now that I've read The Deliverer I am again eager to move to the next book.  Still, I'm willing to wait, realizing the careful and surely time consuming attention to the timeline is vital to the quality of the content.  The insights in the books are surely God inspired and even though it is a fallen angel reporting the news, I feel very comfortable that I am receiving information sanctioned by God though happily in a less venomous than Screwtape style.  I have already begun recommending the book to others.  Thank you, Mrs. Rios Brook.  The books are more than entertainment, they are an invitation and reminder to commune with our God as our poor little demon so greatly desires to do.






Dear Linda


WOW!  I just finished reading Lucifer's Flood and absolutely loved it.  I loved  the way the character described Ruah Ha Kadosh and when he entered the fight and literally blew Lucifer and one third of the angels out of Heaven.  You really brought out the time period between Gen.1:1 and Gen. 1:2.  I've heard a well known preacher talk about it too.


I'm glad I bought this book, can't wait to start reading about The Deliverer.



Pat Manson

Stockbridge GA



TEENAGE SON LOVES “Lucifer’s Flood”

I have to find a copy of The King, but that should be easy. My teenage son has started reading Lucifer's Flood, and he is really enjoying it also. Thank you for providing quality reading.

Diana Holland




Angel Hestand Graham posted on Linda Rios Brook's Wall.


Angel wrote:

I work for the military and a guy from Michigan turned me on to your book Lucifer's Flood, and let me say I haven't read a book since High School and could not put it down. Your style of writing really kept me reading with excitement. I have finished all the far :) and can't wait for "the Redeemer". Thank you!I


The Deliverer 2nd book in the 4 book series


Let's put it this way. I've just finished Lucifer's Flood and Deliverer in about four days. The two weeks I have to wait for The King is driving me nuts. So I guess it's a good thing I only have to wait another year for part 4. I'm dying here!!! Can't wait to here from my fallen little friend again. Amazing read, thanks so much.








What a phenomenal series this is and I am so looking forward to the next two books. I would like to know when the next book will become available and if it will also be available in digital format for any of the popular e-book readers?

I don't know if anyone else has expressed this reaction to you after reading the first and second book, but the way it is presented caused me to pity the poor fallen angel! Was this intentional in presenting him as you did? It makes you wonder if there could ever be any redemption for him (if indeed any fallen angel truly could have any regrets about his rebellion.) Nonetheless, it is a very interesting novel which does give bits of spiritual enlightenment throughout the story (I have several passages highlighted to go over and ponder.)

Love the books and am anxious to read the others in the series!








Just finished the Deliverer and I am in pain waiting for the next book. I told EVERYBODY I know about this book and personally pushed many of my died hard book lovers to buy both books.





I just wanted to write a brief note to tell you that I really loved your books, “Lucifer’s Flood” and “The Deliverer” .  I work at the bookstore at my church and the manager asked me to read your books and give her feedback as to whether or not we should carry them in our store as we have a limited space.  I was surprised and touched deeply by the simple yet profound stories.  They have been delightful reads and I have strongly recommended them.  I have bought all the copies I could and I am waiting for more because they are currently on back order.  I plan to give them out to all my friends at Christmas.

Please keep up the good work, your books are anointed. I am excited to read the next ones.


Bless you,

Nellie Halek




Good morning Sis. Brook,

I've just finished two of your books and the last one was The Deliverer.  I can only say, Wow!... and what's next.  I'm talking my wife into reading it too.  I'd like to ask where you got your inspiration, if I may?  There are some "tattle tail" signs from apocryphals, maybe?  Thank you for talent!!!


God bless you today!

Edward and Holly Goodyear




I've read both books, Lucifer's Flood, and I just  tonight finished The Deliverer.  Both books are terrific! Thank you so  much, and please keep them coming, soon!


Thanks again,

Judi Barth




I'm sure I'm going to love it.  Just hope I don't have to buy it in "hard" copy - seems counterproductive in light of how much money my hubby spent on this e-reader for me - I feel I should use it exclusively now.  Ha-Ha.

Keep up the good work.






Dear Sister Linda,


I just finished both Reluctant Demon books and find them very entertaining and very enlightening.

Last night at home church I used the "impossible" God and Abraham story to encourage a friend regarding faith in the unexpected retirement of her husband. He's good, she's struggling.

Your realistic verbal delivery style is a crack-up, and I appreciate that the whole book is written in that style. I keep giggling, and loved the "slapped the giggles right out of me" phrase. Actually I love tons of your phrases...I could go on and on.


Thanks so much, I look forward to more from you,

Diane Nunley





Hi Mrs Brook,

We don't-- lol, I just got done reading your books :Lucifer's Flood and The Deliverer! Absolutely awesome! You know, I thought I really knew what I believed about creationism and didn't really think that the time space that you talk about held much scientific fact, BUT, you definitely made me think about the possibility in a way that I never really did before. You know, we weren't there and who is to say it could not have happened this way. You made things so real, and dare I say strangely fascinating how I am feeling sorry for a demon! I really enjoyed it and have recommended it to all my friends and am passing it around church right now. I CANNOT wait to read the next one coming in May. Your creative and inventive way to weave this story from the Bible is truly a gift from God!

I also am finding myself wanting to go back and reread the story of Moses, because you shed some very interesting light on him. I never thought of him truly not wanting to do the things he did. Just always heard that he was not confident with his speech, but never really thought about the possibility that he really did not want to do the things God was leading him to.

I was hoping to find a link to your books or other works on here and found you, so I thought I would send a request. If you keep this for personal friends, I understand. Just know you have another fan out here!


God Bless,





I just wanted to let you know that I not only enjoyed, "Lucifer's Flood" and "The Deliverer" from a 'novel' viewpoint, but I was actually theologically convicted in some areas, such as intercessory prayer. My cousin loaned me her copy of "The Deliverer" so I read that one first and loved it so much that I ordered "Lucifer's Flood" off Amazon & just now ordered "The King". I have since gotten my sister to start reading them.

I wanted to say thank you for writing them and to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned. God Bless.


Rhonda Calvert





I have now read both Lucifer's Flood and The Deliverer in a weeks time.

I had no idea that there would be more than the two books.  When will the next one be released?

Both of these books were fantastic!!  Gives you quite a bit to think about.  It may be fantasy, however, the basis is undeniably true.



Michelle Taylor



Barbara Elbertson posted on Linda Rios Brook's Facebook Wall

"I love ur books I have the first two & will be buying the next two! You have brought the Bible to many readers who would never pick up our Fathers Word. God bless you & keep writing!”



Jennifer Jones From FACEBOOK

Jennifer wrote: "I am reading the 2 in 1 series (Walmart Version) and LOVE it. Laughing and learning is what's happening. I LOVE the viewpoint and can't wait to see what happens to the 'little guy' as I call him. I also have a bigger understanding of some things that have not 'sunk in' in my grasp of prayer, obedience, awareness, etc., because of the viewpoint. Let's just say this book is changing my life and every decision I make. Just like music reaches people, books reach me. Thank you for 'singing' to me."

The King 3rd book in the 4 book series

Diane Noble COMMENT:

"THE KING is Linda's best yet! Run, don't walk, to your local bookstore to get a copy!   Linda is brilliant in this series, and especially in this book. I've edited a lot of novels, but this series is unique and more powerful than 99.9% of all those I've had the privilege of editing. Think C.S. Lewis. I highly recommend getting this book -- and being prepared to laugh, cry, rejoice ... and become impatient for the next in the series. "




I dare say that a more imaginative Bible commentary than The King and its companion volumes has never been written.  While it may be fiction, you’ll have a hard time convincing yourself that Linda Rios Brook is not actually revealing to us the true, behind-the-scenes facts of biblical times!


C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor

Wagner Leadership Institute




I have been checking Amazon site to see when your next book will be out.  I have several friends who have loved this series as much as I and are interested in availability of the next book.

Just to let you know one of  my friends is vacationing and wanted to take a copy of the first book to leave for the next "visitor" that stayed in the place where she was staying.  It is a rental house in San Miguel.  Your series has been such a delightful read and the message is clear.  Thank you for sharing your gift and for re-telling a story of God's love in a new and fresh way.

One of the most poignant parts of "The Deliverer" to me was when Moses returned down from Mt. Sinai and the demon stood in front of Moses so he could experience what it felt to be welcomed with such love and honor.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift with your readers. You have blessed us all!


Sandy Ferguson



TALK AROUND THE DINNER TABLE's a monthly topic around the dinner table.  Since we have made it to 2011 (and sorry, but I would have preferred the Lord's return to your next release! LOL)  we can't stand one more second without an answer....when is number four?!!!  My whole family (including the searching-not-quite-there-yet-ones) have read them all ragged....again and again!!  You will be awarded many crowns, my friend!  Your fictional ministry has won over to the Lord  more souls than you will EVER know!  We have many fascinating arguments about poor Wonk.  We all love him so much....he is a little bit of everyone!  You CAN'T just drop him into the agony of the lake of fire, forgotten, in agony, one would EVER forgive you!! HOWEVER, you can't just let him off, either!  You have been absolutely fastidious about being true to God's word!  Boy, are you in trouble!  (Please, tell me you are NOT in trouble-you have a PLAN, don't you? Huh?  PLEEZ?!)  Soooo....WHEN IS NUMBER FOUR COMING OUT???  We can't stand it any more!!!


Yours in Christ-

Tracy Dee

The Redeemer 4th book in the 4 book series

TRACY commented on FaceBook

I wrote to you about my daughters (ages 13 and 20). Although they love the Lord, He has taken a backseat in their lives, and it was breaking my heart. The younger one even said the exact same thing I told MY MOTHER at her age....(and it made me cringe hearing it again) : "...I want Jesus to come, but not until I've gotten married...had kids...ya' know....had fun first!".

I had read the first two of the reluctant demon diaries....then left them 'out'...around two bored, summer-time readers....and that was all it took! After reading them repeatedly, as well as reading them out loud, over and over, at all the REALLY funny parts ( a few of his monologues on women, colors, and guilt come to mind!), the did what I was praying for: studied these things to see if they were so!

Your fiction opened their eyes to the 'realness' of God...the way He wants to be a part of the most ordinary, mundane things in their lives. He became more 'real' to them when seen thru the eyes of a character with flaws and weaknesses very similar to their own, and they started talking, studying, and asking questions!

Anyway, that is how you know me. I wrote you several thank you if that would ever be enough! And, yes....we all got copies of number four the first DAY it was out! We had talked it over, and were very nervous: none of us could see how you could stay true to God's word while having a satisfying ending....we were very worried because we LOVED Wonk so much....he touched our hearts, real or not! But, YOU DID IT!!!! It was perfect! We couldn't be happier! seems as tho you left a little wiggle room for...perhaps....dare I say it.....a book five? I know, I's over.....


Either way, you have nudged my girls into a real, living walk with the Lord! They FINALLY SEE how God's return-even before THAY say they're ready-might actually be a wonderful and exciting turn of events! Thanks for bringing the bible ALIVE for them! I am eternally grateful-there will be a PILE of crowns waiting for you, woman! (I wonder-do we get shoes to match? Just thinkin' out loud!!)

Tracy Coltellino



Veronica Wrote

I just finished the fourth book and all I can say is WOW!  This series was truly remarkable and has had me thinking since I picked up the first book and eagerly anticipated the last.  You are an incredible writer and each page I turned toward the last had me both excited and in dread for the ending.  I didn't want it to end; but I wanted to get to the end.


Thanks so much for the great read!





Roni Reilly posted on Linda Rios Brook's Wall. (From Facebook)

Roni wrote:

"OMG I LOVED THIS SERIES!!!!  Just finished "The Redeemer" and cried for wonk.  This story IS God's ultimate love for his creatures.  WOW!  BRAVO!!!!  By far the best work of fiction about God and his forgiveness I've ever read!"




I finished reading The Redeemer about two weeks and then gave the book to my husband to read.

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the book was wonderful!  It did answer my questions, but then was still kind of open ended.  Are you planning to continue the series?  I surely hope so!

Your writing style is just fantastic and I enjoyed every page!  I preordered the book through Christian Book Distributors and received it about two weeks before it was due to be released.

Thank you for your great writing, and your love for the Lord!  I am hoping to read many more books penned by you!


Best regards,

Sandy Aggen


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